How It Works

Initial Consultation / Planning

Before jumping in, we like to take the time to speak with our clients to collaborate on how to make this program really work for them. We go over all the details and work together to formulate a game-plan for us to follow during the setup. This process includes:

  • Going over program details
  • Choosing what gifts to offer
  • Choosing a price point / markup %
  • Coming up with design ideas

We design and set up your fundraiser

After going over all the specifics, we create your new online donation store fundraiser and design all of your products exactly as planned in step #1. After that, we design any and all promotional materials desired (including website banners). This process includes:

  • Custom designs
  • Account setup
  • Keyword and tag creation
  • Website promotion

Earn Donations While Spreading Awareness

Once your new fundraiser is set up, donors can start checking out with their new promotional gifts instantly! Promote your store as much as possible for maximum success, and feel free to consult with us whenever you'd like.

Remember - Your Success, is Our Success!